Event Planning and Volunteer Coordination


The purpose of these pages is to have a central database of K-12 STEM Events and to facilitate connections between Educator Associates, Engineers, and Aerospace Professionals.

There are several different types of events that AIAA members participate in to stimulate interest in STEM career fields and provide assistance to each other. Everything from a classroom visit and career talk to giving tours of company facilities, this website allows you to list your event and seek out assistance from other AIAA members.

The Educator Associates program (https://www.aiaa.org/EducatorAssociate/) is a membership level for K-12 educators that provides grants and tools to inspire the next generation, allows them to connect with AIAA professional and student members, and achieve recognition for their efforts in STEM education.

The Engineers as Educators program (https://www.aiaa.org/EngineersAsEducators/) teaches engineers and other aerospace professionals to work with teachers to inspire students about opportunities in the aerospace industry.


Start by selecting the
Manage Events
link at the top of the right column of this page. You will see a list of active scheduled events listed there. You can also change the pull-down to Inactive or All to see what has recently been going on. To view more details about a particular event, select the magnifying glass (symbol) for the desired event. The details will appear in the table just below the list to include a description, dates, times, location, and contact information.

To enter a new event, select the Add New Event button just below the list of events. Fill out as much of the information as you can to put a placeholder in. Items with asterisks must be completed in order for the event to be saved. When you are done, select Save.

To invite participants, view the details of the event by selecting the magnifying glass
next to it. In the Current Participants box at the bottom, you should see a “Add Invitees to event” link; select that. You should see a Search Members table that you can sort by selecting the desired heading. If you only want people who are in your City, Section, Region, etc., select that column, then scroll down to your City. You may invite as many members as you desire. Click the “Select” box next to each person that you would like to invite. When done, click the “Invite Selected” button just below the table. A message will be sent to each respective person inviting them to participate.
When the members receive the invitation, if they elect to participate, you will see their names change from Pending to Accept. You can then communicate directly with each other for more specific details and coordination leading up to your event.
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